Minor Curriculum 

The Department offers a minor that is often complimentary to majors in other departments and may support student professional interests. The Department has a minor that requires 18-hours of coursework, inclusive of ABSC 100/101, and 12 hours at the junior/senior level. Within the minor, students may elect a sequence of courses in the Department's specialty area that serve their career and service interests.

Admission Requirements

Prospective majors should enroll in Introduction to Applied Behavioral Science (ABSC 100/101) and Principles and Procedures of Behavior Modification and Therapy (ABSC 304) during their first two years. The content of these two courses provide students with a basic understanding of the field of Applied Behavioral Science, and help students further discern in applying for admission to the major. The requirements and procedures for applying to be admitted to the major are listed below. Major application forms are available in the main departmental office or online. The interest codes are ABSCA-BA for the B.A. degree and ABSCA-BGS for the B.G.S. degree.

Admission to the Major

The new ABS major admission requirements (see below) are in effect starting January 21st, 2011. To apply for admission to the major students should:

1. Complete ABSC 100/101 and ABSC 304.

2. Earn a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or higher in ABSC 100 and ABSC 304. The University’s course repeat policies apply to the GPA calculation. (See article 2.2.8 at for information about the course repeat policy.)

3. Apply for admission to the major in the term (i.e., spring, summer, or fall) in which the admission requirements are completed. That is, once students have completed ABSC 100/101, they should apply to the major during the term in which they enroll in ABSC 304. Completed forms for application to the major should be given to Andrea Noltner in 4007 Dole. Students will be notified as to their admission to the major shortly after the completion of the semester in which they have applied. If students do not meet the admission requirements or neglect to apply for admission during the semester in which they complete ABSC 304, they may petition the department's Undergraduate Admissions Committee for permission for late admission (see Andrea Noltner, 4007 Dole for instructions on submitting petitions).

Questions about the Graduate Program?

If you have questions about our graduate program, please contact Dr. Derek Reed, Director of Graduate Studies, at dreed@ku.edu

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