Dear Students,
Attached please find the materials for this year’s Student Progress Review process. Please note that the instructions document pertains to everyone, and that the due date for materials (completed form, electronic vita) to be submitted to Andrea Noltner is July 16th.

In response to the feedback provided via the student survey following last year’s review, we have made a number of changes to the document (e.g., included comment boxes for you to provide more information on your progress toward requirements, fixed the electronic signature, corrected typos). Thus, the attached forms have been updated to reflect these changes. You MAY, however, opt to use last year’s form if you would like to simply update your information on your saved electronic copy.We will be using the new forms (the ones attached) in the future, so now would probably be a good time to transfer your information over. That is, in the future, you will need only to update the information on the form. Please save this form in a safe and secure location on your personal computer/hard drive. Given feedback from last year, we do not anticipate that this transfer process will take you very long.

For students admitted in Fall 2011, you must use the appropriate document as the FLORS requirement does not pertain to you. Doctoral students under the FLORS requirement and Masters students should also use the specifically labeled files.

Please direct any questions regarding the form/process to me ( However, prior to emailing me with questions, be sure to read the instructions file and refer to your handbook to see if your inquiry can be addressed through those documents.


ABS Assessment of Progress 2012 Instructions (PDF)
ABS Assessment of Progress - Doctoral (Students entering Fall 2011 or later, PDF)
ABS Assessment of Progress - Doctoral incl FLORS (PDF)
ABS Assessment of Progress - Masters (PDF)

Questions about the Graduate Program?

If you have questions about our graduate program, please contact Dr. Derek Reed, Director of Graduate Studies, at

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