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The Department of Applied Behavioral Science offers several types of awards annually, including recognition awards for outstanding achievement in the specialty area and a couple of scholarship awards. A summary of recent undergraduate awards provided through the Department are provided below.

For a full listing of financial award available through KU, review KU scholarship opportunities through Admissions and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences scholarships and awards offerings.

Scholarship and Fellowship Awards

Helen Jedlicka Mandigo Student Scholarship Fund

The Department of Applied Behavioral Science awards the Helen Jedlicka Mandigo Student Scholarships in Human Development and Family Life, which provides $500 to deserving undergraduate students. This endowed fund was generously established in 2004 by Helen Jedlicka Mandigo, a 1935 graduate of the Department of Home Economics, with a gift of $25,000. The fund provides "scholarship assistance for a deserving undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in the department, and is administered through KU Endowment. The scholarship is based on need and merit, with an emphasis given to an individual who has shown strong potential for future participation in social leadership roles."

  • Recent Award Recipients
    2015-2016 Shannon Altmeyer, Talley Friessen, Crissy Ryun
    2014-2015 Elizabeth Ekis, Katie Griffith, Campbell Haug, Julia Martinez, Krista Newton
    2013-2014 Hannah Berc, Shelby Peavler, Mary Ritch
    2010-2011 Jen Berman, Marjorie Cooper, Cara Smith, Kate Uxa
    2009-2010 Bailey Bosc, Katie Guthrie, Abbigail Long, Laura White, Dana Wible

‚ÄčHelen Jedlicka Mandigo Student Scholarship Fund Application Form (PDF; Self-submit by March 28th)

Harley S. Nelson Award

The University of Kanas offers the Harley S. Nelson Family Scholarship, a $1,500 merit-based award for students studying in the humanities or social sciences. The scholarship was established in honor of the family of KU alumnus John M. Nelson. Dr. Nelson received his bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in education from KU.

  • Recent Award Recipients from the Department
    2009-2010 Abbigail Long , Shannon Tierney

Outstanding Achievement Awards

The Department recognizes a graduating senior from each specialty area with an award for outstanding achievement. The award is presented to students during the graduation ceremony for the Department. The award recipients are based on nominations from faculty in the specialty area for noted academic achievement in the specialty area. For further information about Departmental awards, scholarships, and fellowships (e.g., eligibility, award criteria), contact: Dr. Tom Zane, Chair of the Awards Committee.

Outstanding Achievement Awards for ABS Seniors (PDF; Self-submit by March 28th)


2011 Recipient Brent

Kaplan and Dr. Reed

Donald M. Baer Award for Outstanding Achievement in Basic Research and Conceptual Foundations

A KU faculty member between 1965 and 2002, Professor Baer (1931-2002) articulated the basic dimensions of applied behavior analysis in the field's most widely cited article. He conducted early research with children (e.g., imitation), helped found the behavioral approach to development (e.g., cognition), and contributed significantly to research design and measurement and to interventions for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. He was president of the Association for Behavior Analysis.

  • Recent Recipients of the Donald M. Baer Award:
    2012-2013 Marjorie Cooper
    2010-2011 Brent Kaplan

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Health and Development

The criteria for this award include outstanding scholarship, work ethic, and contribution to service learning. We honor those who effectively apply their knowledge and skills learned in the classroom, such as in community planning and evaluation, in service to community organizations working to promote health and human development.

  • Recent Recipients of the Community Health and Development Award:
    2012-2013 Ashley Arenholz
    2010-2011 Gretchen Siebert
    2009-2010 Alexis Kruse

Barbara C. Etzel Award for Outstanding Achievement in Early Childhood Education and Intervention

A KU faculty member between 1965 and 1994, Professor Etzel (b. 1926) is renowned for her research on basic behavioral processes (e.g., stimulus-control), as well as for her contributions to research administration, where she served as KU's Associate Dean of the Office of Research Administration and Director of the Kansas Center for Research in Early Childhood Education. She was president of the Association for Behavior Analysis and a role model for generations of women in behavior analysis.

  • Recent Recipients of the Barbara C. Etzel Award:
    2012-2013 Cynthia Livingston
    2010-2011 Jessica Danon
    2009-2010 Jessica Cox

Todd R. Risley Award for Outstanding Achievement in Autism and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

An ABS faculty member between 1965 and 1982, Professor Risley (1937-2007) was renowned for innovative interventions in early education, among them, arranging environments to promote learning (e.g., incidental teaching). In longitudinal research, he found that the amount parents speak with their children is reflected in their children's linguistic competence, irrespective of minority and socioeconomic status. As Alaska's Commissioner of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, he created levels of support that allowed people with disabilities to lead meaningful lives.

  • Recent Recipients of the Todd R. Risley Award:
    2012-2013 Jessica Winne 
    2010-2011 Tisha Denton
    2009-2010 Bailey Bosc

2011 Recipient Elizabeth

Conley and Dr. Sheldon

Montrose M. Wolf Award for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Development and Juvenile Justice 2011

A KU faculty member between 1965 and 2000, Professor Wolf (1935-2004) was renowned for developing the Teaching Family Model for delinquent youth. Emphasizing social relations and social validity, the model has been adopted nationally and internationally (e.g., at Girls and Boys Town, NE) and was recognized by the American Psychological Association as a "Model Program in Service Delivery in Child and Family Mental Health." He was the first editor of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

  • Recent Recipients of the Montrose M. Wolf Award:
    2012-2013 Kara Boelk 
    2010-2011 Elizabeth Conley
    2009-2010 Amos Christner

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Organizational Behavior Management Research and Practice

Individuals honored with this award show evidence of applying classroom and research knowledge and skills to improving the performance of employees of organizations with a charitable mission or that serve vulnerable populations, such as individuals with disabilities or sheltered animals.

  • Recent Recipients of the OBM Award:
    2012-2013 Jayme Kauffman

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