Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science

The Department of Applied Behavioral Science trains researchers and scientist-practitioners in the discovery, translation, and application of knowledge toward solving human behavior problems of societal importance.

The Master's in Applied Behavioral Science is accredited by the Association for Behavior Analysis International Accreditation Board: annual report data.

Annual reporting period: Calendar year January-December 2023         

  •   Number of students whose degrees were conferred by the program:
    • 1                             
  •   Median years until graduation for students whose degrees were conferred by the program:
    • 3.3              
  •   Number of students enrolled in the program:
    • 2                      
  •   Number of students no longer enrolled for any reason other than conferral of degree:
    • 2 (transferred to PhD program)                        
  •   Number of completed applications received:
    • 10                   
  •   Number of students admitted:
    • 0                          

BCBA Examination Pass Rates


The Department has also established a one-year Certificate Program in Community Health and Development. The certificate program offers advanced training and University-based certification to those involved in building healthy communities. The focus is on training in core aspects of community work from community assessment and strategic planning to intervention, evaluation, and sustainability.

In addition, the graduate curriculum has been approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). Thus, students who enroll in and meet grade requirements of select graduate courses as well as obtain clinical supervision by board-certified faculty are eligible to sit for the BCBA exam at the masters or doctoral level.

ABAI Accredited Master's Program
ABAI Accredited Master's Program