Undergraduate Degree

The Department of Applied Behavioral Science offers a curriculum through which students learn how to examine and address problems of social importance across the lifespan. Students receive training in the application of behavioral science to improve the human condition through prevention and intervention.

The Department of Applied Behavioral Science offers two undergraduate degrees including a 33-hour Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) degree. The requirements in the major for these degree programs are the same. The difference in these two degree programs is the general education degree requirements, which are set by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. For example, the B.A. degree requires additional hours of a foreign language. Whereas, the B.G.S. degree requires deeper study in a field outside of the student's major; therefore, students interested in a B.G.S. must either have a co-major or a minor.

Students in this major are required to identify a specialty area within the Department to further hone and apply their knowledge in addressing social problems of particular interest. The Department offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of General Studies degree in six specialty areas. The specialty areas for student concentration are: Adults with Disabilities, Basic Research and Conceptual Foundations (with options in either), Community Health and Development, Early Childhood (with options in education and intervention, autism, and research), Organizational Behavioral Management Research and Practice, and Youth Development and Juvenile Justice.