Thomas Zane

Thomas Zane
  • Director of Online Behavior Analysis Programs

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Dole Human Development Center, 4029


Dr. Thomas Zane is a Professor of Practice and the Director of Online Programs in Behavior Analysis in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science at the University of Kansas. Dr. Zane earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in psychology at Western Michigan University and his doctorate in Applied Behavior Analysis at West Virginia University. He has served as a Post-Doctorate Research Associate at the University of Massachusetts and as a Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Zane serves on the Executive Board of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, the international organization that represents the field of behavior analysis. Dr. Zane has been the past President of the Ethics Special Interest Group of the International Association for Behavior Analysis. His research interests include online learning, evidenced-based practice in autism, and the philosophy of science and radical behaviorism. He is particularly interested in why some behavior analysts drift from the code and the importance of adhering to choosing scientifically-supported treatments in clinical and educational work.

Dr. Zane’s research interests are:

  • Evidenced-based practices
  • Sustainability
  • Assent
  • Ethics

Selected Publications

Zane, T., Weiss, M. J., & Cihon, J. (2023). One worldview to rule them all. International ElectronicJournal of Elementary Education, 15(3), 173-185.

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Myers, C., Zane, T., Van Houten, R., & Francisco, V. T.  (2022). The effects of pedestrian gestures on driver yielding at crosswalks:  A systematic replication.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 55(2) 572-583.

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